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Able, the Japan's largest real estate company. Ho Chi minh Network, we provide the same high level of service as Japan. Able Ho chi minh, we deal with residential apartments, serviced apartments for new expatriates in Ho Chi Minh, and serviced offices and commercial real estate of newly entering companies in Ho Chi Minh.

We will resolve the hassle of finding real estate in other places in Ho Chi Minh City. Based on rich experiences and know-how as a real estate brokerage company, we propose a suitable living environment for your lifestyle. We support your life in Ho Chi Minh more comfortable through one-stop service from moving in to moving out.

Step 1. Determining the desired conditions.

It is important to communicate specific factors such as location, budget, a type of house, structure, commuting time, and school commuting hours.

Step2. Inquiries and store visits

Take a look at the homepage and email the list of interesting properties. Our store staff will send you a list of suggestions similar to the properties you are looking for. In general, Ho Chi Minh real estate is often owned by the owner, so there is a big difference depending on the owner's preference such as furniture, lighting, interior design, and so on..

Step3. Real estate tour

Please feel free to send your enquiries to us by dropping us an email with a list of properties that you are keen and interested to view. Our Staff member will also provide other property options for your perusal. From that point onwards, we will make arrangement with respective property landlords for viewing schedule of 3 to 4 units within a day

Step4.Inspection of Property

It is advisable to book a real estate tour as soon as possible. In Ho Chi Minh, it is common to visit a property with a management company or owner, so sudden tours are often impossible. Also, on weekends, there is often a person in charge who is not available. Four tours a day are appropriate

Step5. Negotiation contract conditions

If you have a favorite property after the tour, we will proceed with specific contract negotiation. Depending on the building, there is a difference in whether or not the management fee is charged and the period of payment (every month or several months, lump payment, etc). Contract period for residential apartments is generally available for one or two years, and offices can be for five or more years of long term contracts. Basically, in Ho Chi Minh, it is often impossible to terminate the contract, so you may have to pay a penalty. Please confirm the existence of penalty at the contract stage and the period of eviction notice at the time of cancellation.

 (1) Contract
If the contract can not be concluded immediately, it will be concluded after the down payment and the provisional contract. The contract is prepared by the management company or the owner, and the contract is written in English or Vietnamese. In order to avoid any problems after moving in, you must make a thorough check of any questions at the conclusion stage and finally you make a contract.
 (2) Moving in
After moving in, please check the various kinds of internal equipment again. If there is a malfunction or breakdown of the equipment, please contact us immediately. If one month has passed since the day you get the key, you may be charged the repair cost.

Step6. Early Termination (termination before the expiry date)

If you want cancellation during the contract period, you will be notified of the eviction based on the termination clause. However, in Ho Chi Minh, it is often stated in the contract that the early termination is not allowed. Cancellation notice is usually notified before 30- 60 days and the cancellation fee is often charged. It depends on the contents of the contract, so please check before signing the contract.

Step7. Termination and Renewal of Contract

The expiration of the contract period means the termination of the contract. If you want to renew the contract, you must notify it one month before the expiration of the contract (cf. check the contract). If you want to renew the contract with the agency, please contact the person in charge. The Renewal of Contract may not be possible, so please contact us before 1month.

Step8. Moving out (eviction)

All residents who are moving out are obliged to restore all facilities. After the eviction date is decided, please contact the person in charge of Able Ho Chi Minh. You cannot calculate the number of days in the last month. In addition, a deposit is required for the payment of expenses such as water, electricity, gas, cleaning, and repair of damaged goods and it takes about two months to complete the settlement.

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