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The Able Network is dedicated in providing you with our high level of trust and confidence in handling your requirements of relocation services and residential housing in Singapore.

We provide efficient support on your relocation from overseas to Singapore, lease renewal, business setup, immigration and education services. 
Also, we offer a full wide range of services from rental of residential apartments, service apartments, service offices, office space and other commercial properties, to serving both landlords and tenants.

The beginning steps of house searches.

Let us provide you with a hassle-free solution to property searches for housing in Singapore. Since our collaboration in 1984, we have the right experience and know-how to recommend you to a suitable home which will match your lifestyle needs. Our wide range of assistance also includes your move-in to and move-out of new home. We look forward to assisting you with your enquiries.

Getting information from scratch

Please us with information of your housing requirements from the beginning. It is important to provide the location, for example, in the vicinity of schools, rental budget, types of neighborhood, and to advise us which is more important to you.

For Enquiries,

Please feel free to send your enquiries to us by dropping us an email with a list of properties that you are keen and interested to view. Our Staff member will also provide other property options for your perusal. From that point onwards, we will make arrangement with respective property landlords for viewing schedule of 3 to 4 units within a day

Inspection of Property

We conduct our findings and report in Japanese. Generally, units in Singapore are owned by different landlords. No properties are similar to one another in terms of furnishing, design, layout and etc. Please provide us your wish list and proposal on the unit that you are keen on and we will do our best to assist you in negotiating with the landlord.


Letter of Intent (LOI) and Draft Tenancy Agreement (TA)

In the event that you have decided on a unit, we will assist you in negotiating with the landlord.  If the terms and conditions are agreeable, we will proceed to create a draft LOI and TA for review and signature by both the Landlord and yourself.
After the Letter of Intent and the Tenancy Agreement have been reviewed by you and the Landlord, you will have to provide a scanned copy each of your passport, the In-Principle Approval Letter from the Singapore Ministry of Manpower, front and back pages of the employment pass, and you or your company to prepare all necessary payments (deposit, advance rental and stamp duty) as stated in the Tenancy Agreement.

Handover of Unit

We will take charge of the apartment to ensure that the premises is cleaned, inventory list prepared is correct, and keys to apartment ready for you to move in.

Moving In

To assure you of a hassle-free stay during the tenancy period, we will provide support and co-ordination with an air-conditioner maintenance company, a mover company, insurance company as well as other day to day housing relating support

Tenancy Renewal

Two months before the expiry of the tenancy period, we will contact you as to whether you intend to renew or not to renew the tenancy.  If you do want to move to alternative home due to new environment, new job, location, or reduced or increased in housing budget, we will continue to render our services on this too.

9 Practical Supports

  1. Searches for apartments
  2. Pick-up and transfer service
  3. Negotiation, interpretation, correspondence and claim (if any) with landlord
  4. Apply for SP Services utilities (water, gas and electricity)
  5. Arrange for airconditioner maintenance and servicing
  6. Arrange for handyman to carry out minor repair works during tenancy period
  7. Translation/interpretation work between repair technician and handyman
  8. Introduction to several types of insurance covers
  9. Arrange Moving out (return of apartment) to ensure smooth handover.

Being one of the largest real estate networks in Japan, we will also provide real estate support for our clients after their return to Japan.

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